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+ Basic Information

Developer : 21c Ducks co.,Ltd.
Release date : 2021 TBD
Platforms : Steam, PlayStation, Switch, Xbox

Price : USD 24.99
Socials : twitter.com/DavidSpaceDuck, facebook.com/ChronoSword21cDucks

+ Description

​Chrono Sword is a pixel art action adventure game with incredible atmosphere, deep combat and an epic story. You will be Aenor - a time traveler and will travel the past and the present of the fallen world.

- Incredible Atmosphere

The world, all the characters and effects are painted as gorgeous pixel art with dynamic lighting. Every character animations are so fluid in every directions. And the orchestral soundtracks let you immersive into the play. The most good thing is that you can enjoy the different side of past and the present in all of these.

- Deep Combat

The combat is based on attack, dodge and shield like Dark Souls, but there are also contextual actions like The Last of Us. You can fight like a skillful expert with combinations of basic actions and contextual actions, without memorizing long skill list. Every combat is intense and so fluid.


- Epic Story

You will be Aenor and will travel the past and the present of the fallen world. Your journey will be with charming colleagues, and your choice will make the change of story.


Chrono Sword is being developed by 21c.Ducks - an indie game studio.

The first idea of Chrono Sword started in 2014. The first synopsis and game design finished and  several prototypes and unique tools were developed in 2018. The first announce and official kickoff was on Dec. 2018. 

Open Play Day Official Selection in 2019.

Bit Summit Official Selection in 2019.

BIC Nominated for Excellence in Art, Jury Prize and Grand Prix in 2019.

Global Top Round Top10 Official Selection in 2019.

About Team

21c.Ducks is an indie game studio. We make games that we want to play. We are making our best game, and give inspirations to others.

From 2012 to now, we released ChefDay, Timing Hero, Super Pixel Racers, and developing Chrono Sword now. Currently focusing on the console games. 


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