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About Bit Summit submission demo

Indeed I didn't know that Bit Summit 2019 would be on June and that the submission for it would be closed at 6 Jan. 2019. I heard it from friends at almost end of the last year. Fortunately, just a few days before, I just got my office and built up my team just. So, why not? I decided to give it a try.

At first, I had to set a really small scope, since there was only the basic combat system. No art concept, no game play, no story, and etc... But I got only less than 3 weeks. So I set two idea - starting art direction from world mood not from asset design, and reusing things of previous prototypes, to save my time.

My first goal was like these : dark atmosphere, one way short level, 3 kind of monsters, and no boss battle. I started by drawing a new concept art with a portrait of my heroine, really in hurry. Than I made a new prototype of the new demo reusing the boss awake cut scene, combat system and level design, from previous prototypes.

During that time, my team struggled with stairs and dynamic lighting. I wanted players could go up and down, go inside and outside in the isometric world with multi floors. Including our unique pixel rendering with 3D animation and blending, Chrono Sword was really a huge challenge for us .

When we combined the features, it was incredible. I posted some gifs on twitter, and got huge interest. I was so glad that people loved that our concept and our technical achievement.

And then, Bit Summit delayed the deadline. Wow! Then what should I do? I decided to polish the game more charming instead of debug. Better atmosphere, better combat, better level, and crow.

Then, there came more bugs. We tried solve all, but as I misunderstood the deadline, the final version had some critical bugs.

But, hmm. It is OK. We did much more than we thought. Let's just go next step!