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Lack of time always. But I could develop Chrono Sword in really short time with my powerful own tools. So I want to introduce my tools.

Chrono Sword has three prime own tools that named by members' cats - Lollo, Naru, Tofu.

Lollo is an character animation tool to projects 3D animation data created in Unity's animation window into 2D rigged sprite. It also make the smooth animations into 12 frame cut animations in 8 directions. Without Lollo, I could not render Chrono Sword's beautiful pixel art with full of animations in isometric world.

Naru is a character pattern tool. The unique point of it is that it works in Unity's animator window. It has much higher productivity than inspector window or own window. And it works like Scratch so that I can create and edit actions and interactions with it visually.

Tofu is an integrated level design tool. It supports editing levels and events in Unity's scene window so that I can do everything in one place with it visually. It also supports multiple floors and let the world switches between the past and the present.

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After I missed the submission for BIC, I did not give up this project. There was great points like the dark and serious mood, unique art style by combination of pixel art and 3D animation, and impressive scenes and boss, and plus epic music. But it's combat, level design and puzzle were mess. I decided to improve the game.

At first, I made a prototype for combat. I wanted to let the players fight in serious and slow tension like Dark Souls, but wanted to make huge difference with it by reaching out the level of interaction and contextual action like Uncharted or the Last of Us. I want the players could recognize what they were doing, so I let them learn those actions by perks.

For the second, I made a prototype for level design and game play. I made a level and fixed it very quickly by using tile map instead of full of tools. Then I placed monsters by groups, short cuts, items, and journals to learn perks. It was by my simple but fast coding. Then I added souls drop, since I realized there should be some reward when the players killed monsters. And finally I drew some sketch and props to see how the level looks like in game.

And last, I wrote the whole new synopsis and background story. It was inspired by the Nordic mythology, but I rearranged it much, of course. So now I got the charming characters and well organized world.

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Chrono Sword was my old project from 2014 to make a game about a serious and lonely fight of a knight. It was delayed to be my main project since I had many projects already. I had several tries and failures to make a solid concept with better game play and story.

From 2018, I could write a new synopsis with time travel. I thought that it is really great and solid enough, so I started to develop a demo game by help of friends who are currently in my team. At that times, I wanted to submit my game to BIC - an indie game festival, I should have a playable demo in 6 weeks. It was really hard schedule because each of us had own main project already.

Finally I can finished a demo named "Knight" on middle of May. It was about the Cathedral of Lust and the Fallen Saint, There was good mood and animation, music, and some shocking scenes. The game was good enough.

But I could not submit it in deadline by seconds, since we had some trouble to build it for PC and upload it.

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